About Us

What's in it for you?

Race City Powder Coating, Inc. of Mooresville, NC, a women owned company boasts over seventeen years of expertise ensuring top-notch quality and dependable processing to keep your production seamlessly moving forward. Our rigorous technician training guarantees precision from the get-go, minimizing delays caused by rejections. We're dedicated to saving your company both time and money by maximizing efficiency and delivering high-quality processing, significantly reducing reject rates. These are tangible, value-added savings that surpass merely opting for the lowest-priced solution for your project. Choosing the right coatings applicator and finishes is a critical choice, and we exclusively use products adhering to strict guidelines, ensuring coatings meet stringent standards for both aesthetic appeal and protective properties.

How Do We Ensure Our Coatings Are Applied Correctly? Testing.

At Race City Coating, Inc. in Mooresville, NC, we have determined that having an on-site laboratory is essential to assuring that we are taking every possible step avoid job site failures.
Our stringent quality control process involves using cutting-edge Qualicoat™ compliant lab testing equipment from industry-leading suppliers such as Elcometer and Deflesko, complemented by Cleansprectra analysis. This meticulous approach ensures that materials being quoted meet the essential cleanliness standards. Our testing capabilities encompass a wide range, including calibrated oven temperature readings, etch rate assessment, evaluation of un-cured and dry-cured film thickness, examination of dry cross-hatch adhesion, resistance to boiling water, wet cross-hatch adhesion, impact resistance, mandrel bend and cupping tests, gloss level measurement, critical cleanliness assessment crucial for FDA and medical applications, Tabor abrasion testing, surface profile analysis for optimal adhesion, salt spray testing, and comprehensive chemical resistance evaluation. By scrutinizing materials prior to coating, we proactively identify any potential issues, guaranteeing the quality and success of your project from the outset.